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Meet The Staff


Crystal Sperber


Crystal has a wide range of interest...

  • Art  (creating & viewing)

  •  Crochet (mostly granny squares)

  • Dance & Sing (while no one is watching)

  • Good TV series (so hard to find)

  • Live Theatre (To be or not to be & Mister Cellophane)

  • Movies (even harder to find)

  • Music (I like my music loud - so I can feel it & see it)

  • Piano (playing & teaching)

  • Reading (Shakespeare, Sparks, Poe, Sager, Moreno-Garcia, Rice, Morton, Capote, Montgomery, Fitzgerald, Dickens, Austen, name a few)

  • Researching Genealogy & History (Have you done your DNA?)

  • Travel (There's where I've been & where I'd like to go)

  • Yoga & Meditation (Long stretches, deep breathing, & inner peace)

Alexandria Sperber

Administrative Wizard

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a San Antonio Native and hold a Bachelors of Arts in History. In my spare time I enjoy crochet, reading, writing, cooking, and traveling with my family. Cozy mysteries are my favorite books to read while sitting with some hot tea or coffee.

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Chief Meow Officer (CMO)

Luna is the chief of our cat crew. Luna is one of many cats that work behind the scenes... back at home. 


Head of Therapeutic Sounds

Cosmo provides hours of therapeutic purring to calm even the most finicky. In his spare time Cosmo enjoys napping, sleeping in his basket, and playing with his stuffed dinosaur toy.

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Snack Room Operator

Nova's tasks include operating the snack room. In Nova's spare time she likes to ask for cat food and hates to share the latest addition to her toy collection. 

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