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Family Counseling
Parent Coaching

Family Counseling is a form of group therapy that focuses on specific goals as laid out by the family system. A family may consist of the whole family or simply members of a family. A family can include parents and children, but also grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, caregivers, etc. Once goals are established, we address the behavioral, psychological, and emotional issues which seem to be causing concern. Through this process family members gain a better understanding of each other in order to better support and work with one another.   


It is not uncommon, during the course of Child/Teen therapy or Family Counseling for Parent Coaching to be a recommended step along the journey towards achieving established goals. This hands-on approach can be very helpful by creating a more holistic healing process. During this time, we identify and address and underlying issues to provide practical techniques and strategies to manage behaviors and resolve feelings. 


Co-Parenting Counseling- In co-parenting counseling the focus is on the child(ren) and the goal is to create a healthy amicable relationship between the parents. Co-Parenting counseling is an ideal next step after a divorce. Not only has your relationship changed but so has the parenting dynamic. While most logistical issues were likely worked through in court, co-parenting counseling helps to reduce further high-conflict interactions, tensions, misunderstandings. Co-parenting also helps to heal the relationship between parents, create forgiveness, open communication, how to model healthy relationships and feelings for the child(ren), the present and future needs of child(ren), and reframing perspectives around your ex. We also examine issues which may have come up during the divorce process from the child(ren), family, and friends. In short, we work to create an atmosphere of cooperation, teamwork, and regain balance in the parents and child(ren)’s lives. 

 It may be recommended to incorporate child/teen, individual, parent coaching, or relationship counseling. 

Some (not all) Common reasons for Adult/Individual Therapy: 

• Family Conflicts

• Grief or Loss

• Illness in the family

• Marital Issues, Divorce, Separation

• Mental Health Concerns

• Parenting Issues

• PTSD, Trauma

• Sibling Rivalry

• Addictions

• Adoption

• Blending Families

• Changes in Life Routine

• Communication Issues

• Developing Boundaries

• Domestic Violence

• Family Conflicts

Some (not all) techniques/approaches we use:

• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

• Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

• Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

• Strategic Family Therapy

• Structural Family Therapy

• Systemic Family Therapy

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